Climbing Gear


These are our resident rope  geeks Jon and Chuck at Bridge Day '98 at The New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.  This qualifies as a "Long Rope Rappell" at 876 vertical feet.  And  every stitch of equipment that we use on "Bridge Day" we carry and stock.  If  you would like some vertical Training, whether it be confined space rescue, Cave Rescue, Rope Rescue, or Climbing, our STAFF of instructors can fit the bill.  Just for bragging rights, Jon and Chuck are the ONLY CERTIFIED SPRAT TECHNICIANS in this part of the state and all of West Virginia.

You are just a click away from finding your favorite climbing gear at incredible prices. If you have any questions about what you find or need a price that you can afford, get a hold of know the drill by now. Have fun and watch out for the sharks while you are surfin'!

Remember, buying locally helps us help you. Only from your local shop can you get personalized, on-on-one service fro people who not only enjoy the outdoors, but are often involved with helping others do the same - safely!