About Us

The Pedaler & The Packer was established in 1971. So we have been around for quite some time. Let our experience help guide you through the selection that we offer. Our very qualified sales staff, technicians, mechanics, and instructors are the best around.

Our staff of employees offer a wide range of expertise from a host of different fields. The selection process that we go through for all of our prospective employees is very extensive. We just don’t let anyone behind the counters. If you work here, trust me when I say, you will KNOW what you are doing.

If you would like to meet the individuals that make The Pedaler & The Packer the most diverse and knowledgeable outdoor store around, click on the "Staff" link, under the "About Us" menu option at the left, and have at it.

On the other side of the world is our friends page. We would like to dedicate those pages to the people that have made us and the shop what it is. Without this collective group of people, well the shop just wouldn’t be the same. So a great big communal hug and a big "Thank you!" goes out to them, if you would like to see who we are talking about, click on the "Friends" link, under the "About Us" menu option at the left.