Rome Township Special Operations Unit

How the Rome Township Special Operations Unit can augment your department:

  • Provide highly trained divers and shore support for your water related incidents. (ie. Drownings, water rescue, ice rescue, vehicle recovery, evidence recovery, etc.).
  • Provide highly trained personnel for your ground search (urban and wilderness) needs.
  • High angle rescue and extraction technicians for rescue/recovery of persons trapped or stranded in isolated places.
  • Personnel to assist in confined space operations.
  • Personnel to aid your department in mass casualty/natural disasters.
  • Other realms are also handed by the members of the team.

While the team is made up of individuals from agencies all around the area, we respond and react as a whole.

FAQs about the team

Q. Do I have to be a diver?

A. No, while the team needs additional divers, there are plenty of other tasks that need to be done to support the dive operation.

Q. Do I have to join The Rome Township Volunteer Fire Department to be on the team?

A. No, although the Rome Township Volunteer Fire Department would not mind the help and your assistance if you are in their area.  Membership with a public safety agency IS required though, for workers compensation coverage.

Q. If I am already a diver and a firefighter, does that make me a rescue diver?

A. NO! Being a rescue diver takes a lot of additional training over and above that of firefighter and an open water certificate.

Q. What all do I have to buy or supply myself to be a part of the team?

A. While the team operates purely on the donations of others, we do not actually require anything. We would like for you to buy a pager ($45.00) and a team personal flotation device ($80-90). Additional gear might be required as you can afford it, if you want to be a diver.

Q. How often does the team meet?

A. Every 2nd Monday of the month, usually at Rome Township VFD.

If you would like to talk to someone directly about the team, feel free to call 592-4630 and ask for Jon or Chuck.