The Pedaler & The Packer has some of the most complete rope rescue courses and SCUBA training offered anywhere by anybody. We can train you, or your department, to all levels of rope rescue. From water rescue to the high angle world, we have a complete and competent training program.

Our SCUBA program can take you from open water certified all the way through Instructor through PDIC. This agency takes an academic approach to diving as opposed to a recreational standpoint. We like to have our students very aware of the inherent dangers to diving and how to cope with emergencies should they come up.

The Rope Rescue courses that we offer are some of the best in the country. Through our testing of belay systems and the development of different techniques for lower/haul systems, we have revolutionized the high angle access world. The shop’s involvement with SPRAT gives us insight and input into regulations being developed for and adopted by such groups as OSHA and others.