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Description of Work Performed during a Bicycle Overhaul vs. a Tune-up


Bicycle Overhaul


  • Each unit on the bicycle is overhauled.  A unit (or bearing set) consists of the hubs, headset, bottom bracket, etc.


  • After each unit is disassembled, the bearings and surfaces are then cleaned, inspected, re-greased, re-assembled, and adjusted accordingly.


  • If there is any problem with one of the units that will require more work or parts than originally quoted, one of our mechanics will let you know before the bike is returned.  Unfortunately, this is unpredictable until the unit is disassembled and cleaned.


Bicycle Tune-up


  • Adjustment and realignment of brakes and derailleurs, including adjustment of cable tension as needed.


  • Adjust headset, bottom bracket, wheels, and anything else that has a significant amount of bearing play.


  • Ensure wheels are as true as possible.


The Fine Print


Obviously, there are some differences between an overhaul and a tune-up.  An overhaul is a major task in making sure a bike’s componentry is properly greased and functioning as new as we can make it.  An overhaul does not include adjustment of brakes, gears, or wheel truing.  A tune-up is a process of adjusting and correcting minor problems that occur as components wear and cables stretch, without disassembling and relubing or component replacement.


Before an overhaul or tune-up is performed, we will give you an estimated price. Under normal circumstances, our estimates are within 10% of the original quote.  If there is a major problem with a specific unit on the bicycle that needs replacing, and as a result, raises the price beyond the original quote, we will contact you by telephone to explain the problem and give you an adjusted price before doing the repair. There are also a few minor differences in our labor rates.  The differences are a result of the types of componentry on each bicycle and the amount of work each unit requires for its repair.

Shop Labor Rates (parts are additional)


Complete Bearing Overhaul     $55 & up

Overhaul per Unit                         $15 & up

Tune-Up (see above)                    $50 & up

Adjust bearings per unit             $10 ea

Adjust Brakes                                 $15 ea

Adjust gears                                  $15 ea              


Install per unit                              $10 ea                              

Pull & Grease per unit               $10 ea

Fork install                                    $25 & up

Stem install                                  $ per hr.

Tube install                                   $10 plus tube

Tire install                                     $10 plus tire

Re-spoke wheel                          $40 ea

Build wheel                                  $50 ea                                  

Replace spoke front                  $10 + True

Replace spoke rear                    $10 + True

True wheel                                   $10 & up

BB install                                      $15 ea

Headset install                           $15 ea

Realign rear hanger                 $15-20   

Handle bars installed              $30 & up

Box a bike for UPS                     $50

Build a boxed bike                    $65

Shop rate                                     $35 per hour

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